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When Someone Dies

Our trained staff will assist you either by telephone or in person, as to what happens next.


They will offer you guidance on what certificates the doctor issue; what the registrar will need to allow registration of the death to take place; where and when to register the death and the costs involved in registering a death in England and Wales; and what paperwork we need from the registrar after you have attended the registration appointment.


If the Coroner is involved, we will guide you through this process and help minimise the stress it may cause you.


Bringing your loved one into our care

When the doctor has given permission to contact us, we will attend the address provided within the hour or later if the family have asked for more time with their loved one.


When we call at your home, we will always identify ourselves and act in a dignified and respectful manner. You can have as much time to ask any questions and you will be given clear straightforward answers.


When our preparations are complete, we will bring your loved one into our care and continue to look after them until the moment of their burial or cremation.