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Registering the Death

When someone dies, the death needs to be registered. When you register, you will be given paperwork from the registrar, to allow us to arrange the funeral.

  • You have 5 days to register the death
  • You must register the death in the area where the death took place (you may use the registration by declaration service if the informant lives in another district, we can advise you what is best)
  • A death should be registered by a relative or person present when the person died, someone else living at the address where the person died or someone taking responsibility for the funeral arrangements
  • The appointment with the Registrar takes around 30 minutes
  • There are documents required for registration including the Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death, signed by a doctor. (We will provide a full checklist)
  • The Death Certificate will be issued to you. (You may need to purchase more than one copy)
  • They will issue you with a green certificate, this must be given to us
  • You may use the ‘tell us once’ system. The registrar will notify governing bodies that the person had died, this is done on your behalf

What the Registrar needs from you

  • The Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death
  • The deceased’s birth certificate and marriage certificate
  • NHS Medical Card
  • Proof of address for you as the informant
  • Identification for you as the informant
  • Identification for the person who has died
  • The name and address of the person who has died
  • Their place and date of birth
  • Details of where the person died
  • The previous occupation of the person who has died
  • If they were in receipt of any benefits or pensions
  • The applicable fees for registration

What the Registrar will give you

  • Certificate for Burial or Cremation (Green)
  • Certificate of Registering the Death
  • Death Certificate (this is necessary to manage the estate of the person who has died)