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Choosing the Right Coffin

In an age of cremations being preferred by families, the choice of coffin might be of a simpler nature. Our coffins reflect the chosen funeral and as such, if you were considering a burial, you might choose an eco-friendly coffin such as willow or bamboo, or even opt for a biodegradable cardboard coffin.


American style caskets are always available, but the cost is considerably higher.


You might like to consider a colourful coffin; this coffin is encased in images of your loved one’s life or perhaps their favourite hobby!


Alternatively, for larger families, a coffin with individually inscribed hearts might be preferred. These hearts can be kept as a keepsake or placed on the coffin top at the service. If a cremation is sought, you might like to keep the ashes of your loved one with you. 


We can offer caskets and urns to suit your needs. Scattering the ashes may require a scatter tube depending on where they are being scattered, we can advise you.