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Lasting Memorials

A memorial is a way to remember your loved one. They can provide great comfort and give you a place to reflect on that person’s life for many years to come.


This can be anything from a single rose in the garden of remembrance to a headstone on a grave.


If your loved one has been buried, you might consider a new headstone or an inscription on an exiting headstone or grave memorial.  If a new headstone is sought, you must wait at least 6 months before the stone can be erected.


The garden on remembrance is a favourite place to scatter the ashes of your loved one. You might request a memorial plaque to be sited. Alternatively, you might wish to have the ashes scattered at sea, or even sent into space, which is video recorded. 


Simple memorial ideas include, having the ashes placed inside a teddy bear; worn in a pendent around your neck or as a ring on your finger; they can also be made into a 78-vinyl record of your choosing.


Memorials have endless possibilities, we can assist you with carrying out those final wishes, whenever you feel that time has come.


Find us at the bottom of the Palace Car Park on the left (opposite Christ church)