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Legal and Support Services

Registering the death, the Death Certificate, the Coroner's Office

We are here to guide you through this legal process when someone passes away. We ensure that you are comfortable with the explanations that have been given to you from either the Registrar's Department or the Coroner's Office. Our Funeral Directors are qualified to discuss this with you in greater detail. If you need an interpreter or if English is not your first language, please let us know and we can arrange this service in advance of your appointment.

Registering the death

When someone dies, the death should be registered normally within 5 days. The Registrar will ask questions about the person who has died, and you as the informant. He/she will then provide you with the Death Certificate.  It costs £11.00 per copy. They will issue you with a green certificate, this must be given to the Funeral Director. This certificate allows the funeral to legally take place.

Legal Advice

The Medical Certificate

This is completed by the Doctor when someone passes away. It can be collected by the family, or by the Funeral Director on your behalf. It is given to the Registrar which allows them to issue the Death Certificate to the person registering the death.

Medical form with stethoscope

The Coroner

When a person dies suddenly or unexpectedly in England and Wales, the Coroner will investigate the death. The information gathered by the Coroner, helps families understand what happened to the person who passed away.  This action may delay the funeral plans but we will guide you through this process. The Coroner will also liaise with the family member or representative throughout this process.

Signing a Contract
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