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Our team at Hannah Rose

We are only a small team, but our knowledge, professionalism and caring approach is what really matters.

Laura Moseley

Owner/Funeral Celebrant

I was born and live in Scarborough. I have a daughter. After more than a decade working as a retail manager, my career path changed after meeting my partner. Hannah Rose opened in 2019  and it has been the most rewarding role working as a Funeral Celebrant. I have worked with hundreds of families, as we build a beautiful, celebration of life service for their loved ones who have sadly passed away. It truly is an honour to become part of the lives of people who are going through the most difficult time as I get to know all about them and the person whose service I will conduct. I am very thankful to do the job I do.

Michelle Low

Funeral Director

I was born in Glasgow and moved South in 2006. I have 4 children. Since I was little, it was my goal to work within the funeral industry.  An opportunity never came up. In 2017, it finally did. I volunteered with the local independent funeral director and then took on the role of Funeral Arranger, working for a corporate company. I knew my time there was limited as I felt they could not offer families that personalisation of a service that really mattered. I put myself through University to qualify as a Funeral Director, and graduated in 2021. Hannah Rose accepted me and the rest is history as they say. I have conducted funerals for 100's of families, after putting a service together that is personal, meaningful and celebrates the life of that person. I am very proud of my role here at Hannah Rose.

Ian Parker

Funeral Director

I was born in Barnsley and I have a son called Alfie. I am married to Kim who is an Estate Agent. I began working within the funeral industry almost 15 years ago. I started working for Dignity, but felt I could not fulfil my true potential. When I had the opportunity to work at Hannah Rose, it was just what I needed. I have served the community well and looked after more than 200 families.  I like to think that I give my all, when looking after families in the area. There are no lengths I won't go to, to fulfil the last wishes of a person. It's a not a day in a life, it really is a lifetime in one day.

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