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Our costs and disbursements

The Funeral Director will provide you with a full estimate of all expected charges. Our fees are clear, there are no hidden extras to pay. Disbursements are third-party costs such as the Doctor's fees, the funeral celebrant or minister or the crematorium or burial ground. Once all services are in place, you will receive a complete invoice.

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Simple Direct Funeral Service

This a service which offers a direct cremation. This is an unattended service without dressing or viewing of the person who has died. You may hold a memorial service at a date and time of your choosing, or perhaps not at all. The price for this service is from £1285.


This fee is for a crematorium outwith our area. Should you wish to use a local crematorium, it will cost more.

Direct Plus Funeral Service

This a service which offers a direct cremation. You can still say goodbye to your loved one, in our chapel or rest. We can also dress the person who has sadly passed away, in their own clothing, giving you an added personal service.  The price for this service is from £1390.


This depends on which crematorium is preferred.

Our Premium Funeral Service

This service includes the funeral celebrant, a quality hand-crafted coffin, unlimited chapel of rest visits, our staff and bearers, a traditional hearse, the services of a qualified Funeral Director throughout and everything else required for the funeral to legally take place. (The disbursements which are the Doctor's fees and Cremation or Burial Ground, and any minister or celebrant are extra).  This service costs £1690.

The Hannah Rose Personal Service

This funeral service offers a weekday or weekend service at Hannah Rose for up to 12 people, including the funeral celebrant, hand-crafted coffin, flowers, light refreshments for everyone afterwards. The cost of the Cremation and Doctor's fees are INCLUDED in this price. The cost for this service is from £2300.

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