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Our Services

Traditional and Alternative Services

We at Hannah Rose will provide assistance with the funeral arrangements from liaising with religious ministers, celebrants and crematoriums. They help produce death announcements for local newspapers and free online tribute pages, they will also help complete Order of Service books, arrange floral tributes, organise funeral teas and anything else you and your family need to personalise the funeral of your loved one. They are here to listen, and to share their years of experience, whilst guiding you every step of the way as you honour the life the person who has sadly passed away.


Natural Burials

You may wish to consider a natural burial. This can be carried out at Speeton Natural Burial Ground overlooking the sea on the beautiful Yorkshire coast.  It can be the perfect final resting place for your loved one. Alternatively, Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough provide a Meadow burial ground, this is set in a beautiful wooded area, within the cemetery.

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Cremation Services

Every funeral is different, you may opt for an attended cremation service at a local crematorium or decide to have a simple private unattended cremation service with a memorial service, to celebrate the life of your loved one at a later date. 

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Burial Services

You may decide to have a burial in the local cemetery or churchyard, or it may have been the wish of your loved one, to be buried outside the area, we can guide you through the options to help you make the right choice.

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Alternative Funerals

We are all different, and for most of us, we would like a very personal send-off.  We can help you put in place, elements of the service that will truly reflect the colourful personality of your loved one, no matter how unusual it may be. Please look at our gallery for ideas.

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Repatriations to another country

Sadly, you may find that your loved one has passed away in another country. We can assist you with repatriating them back to the UK. We will liaise with all authorities required to carry this out. alternatively, if it's your request or your loved one's expressed wishes to have their final resting place in another country, we can arrange this for you. This can be carried out via, road, ferry or air.  Please ask for details and further guidance.

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Burials at Sea

At Hannah Rose, our Funeral Director's are qualified to arrange and carry our a Burial at Sea. There are three locations in the UK licensed in carrying out this final tribute to your loved one.  Please ask for details.

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A bequeathal is where you donate your body for the purpose of scientific and medical research, to a medical facility at a hospital.  We can offer you support, knowledge and expert guidance on the procedure of this expressed final wish. You may also look online via any Hospital Trust portal for their guidance.

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