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Creating a Wave of Light in Bridlington

This is a difficult blog to write for me, as I have family and friends who were once pregnant and never brought their little one home from the hospital. Sadly, we have also looked after several babies that it just 'wasn't their time'. At Hannah Rose, we have expertise in how to deal with these very sad and difficult situations, and the support we give to the baby's family is paramount. This can be a parent or grand-parent or even the other children that the grieving parents still have to tell, and still have to care for regardless of the heartbreak they are going through.

I have permission to write this next part, it's about a young family who 'miscarried' their son, Ruben. I feel the word miscarriage is cruel in so many ways. The baby is not recognised until 24 weeks or even registered as being living in its mother's tummy. This legal definition could be changed, and I hope it does. Ruben was 16 weeks into the pregnancy. We supported Claire and Danny, and have never stopped, and we won't ever. They are an amazing couple who despite suffering this tragic loss, still get out of bed every day and get on with their lives, they have to, they have other children and jobs. This is quite the taboo subject, but with the help and dedication from Claire and Danny, and the people from SANDS (Sudden and Neo-Natal Death Society), Claire and Danny have organised Bridlington's 1st Wave of Light, where we will be joined by people from all walks of life who have suffered infant loss. We will donate candles to be lit, these will burn for 1 hour as we remember the little ones who sadly never came home. This will be an annual event, but sadly, we know it will get larger, as sadly, people will be in the shoes of Claire and Danny.

Thank you, if you have children, hug them tight tonight.

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