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Sometimes less is more

When the world came to a standstill during Covid, the funeral industry was greatly affected in several ways. One in particular, was the type of funeral that families were allowed to arrange. Funerals would previously consist of a large gathering of family and friends, people comforting one another then getting together after the service, as they continued to share happy memories of their times spent with the person who sadly passed away. When Covid took hold, we saw the numbers of attendees reduce to about 10 or 12 people, everyone had to sit several feet apart, there was no celebration of life allowed after the service. For a time, it became the norm. People arranged a simple funeral, then when restrictions were lifted, they had a celebration, marking the life of a wonderful person. It caught on and people realised that by having a small memorable gathering, then a direct funeral service, followed by a get-together to celebrate that person's life however long they lived it, was a better option for most. People also realised that by doing so, it could save them thousands of pounds. Whatever money that was set-aside for when that day came, could be spent on things like family treats on days out or a well deserved holiday for the family and kids. Funerals needn't cost a fortune, we certainly charge the lowest fees possible, and our direct funeral services are worth being looked into. A direct funeral service doesn't mean that life won't be celebrated, we can make that happen.

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