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I Wasn't Expecting That

I pull up in the car everyday at 8.45am, I open the door of Hannah Rose and proceed to deconstruct the car of it's essential belongings, the lunch box, phone, paperwork, everything needed for the day ahead. As I was doing this, I was approached by an older lady who was walking a little black dog. She asked me if I had done the funeral of a local lady and gave me her name. I smiled, saying that I had. The family in question were so, so lovely and I had the privilege of getting to know them as we worked together in the last few weeks of the lady's life, whilst she was on end of life care. Out of the blue, the lady said it was the best funeral that she had ever been to, and that she goes to a lot of funerals as she is nearly 80, in fact this year so far, she had been to ...22..., she said, "when you are just a small company, you might get over shadowed by bigger companies, but rest assured, I will tell everyone from now on, to come to you". I really was not expecting that.

It turned out that as I looked down at the little dog, it was wee Lola, the lady who passed away, it was her dog. When I said in the voice you do when talking to a dog.. (you're trying to do the voice now aren't you) "Lola you are such a wee cutie" as I was petting her and rubbing her ears, her little tail was wagging like crazy, she really remembered me, which made me happy. It had been a few months since B passed and her lovely neighbours all rallied round to do the daytime dog walks whilst her husband had gone back to work. It showed true community spirit, something I have not encountered for what seems like a long time. Even as I write this blog, it is humbling to remember the actions and comments of the lady who spoke to me, it has truly made my week. So whether you are in your 80s or a 4 legged friend, you have the ability to make someone's day in an instant. I'm happy.

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