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Moving with the times

Have you ever had the thought that social media and the internet is taking over the world? I know I have. I remember a colleague saying his old dad called it the 'tinterweb'. How much do we rely on the internet and other social media platforms now as an everyday thing? It's strange to think how much it has changed our lives on a daily basis and in particular, how helpful it can be, especially in our industry as Funeral Directors. I remember 20 years ago when my dear Daddy died. I sat next to my Mum, and painstakingly called every person listed in her old tatty phone book, letting each and every one of them know my Daddy had sadly passed away. It broke me every time I had to say the words over and over. Every time someone broke down, I did too. Moving on 20 years. We now work with companies where with the family's permission, we can set up a funeral service, online memorial, and tribute page. This can be such a blessing to a family. At the touch of a button, this page, dedicated to the person who has sadly passed away, which contains the funeral service details, can be shared around the globe via social media in 2 seconds. Just maybe, gone are the days of having the task of ringing every person from a phonebook list, bearing the sad news. I know If I had this option all those years ago, it could have saved me from the emotional heartbreak.

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