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We get sad too

Everyday, we wake up feeling blessed and thankful for the role we do as a Funeral Director. Often, we are asked by a family to look after their loved one, which is an honour for us to do. Frequently we have never met the person making that first call. When they get sad and emotional, we do too, we have also loved and lost over the years.

Part of our role is to organise pre-paid funeral plans for people in our community. It is humbling to be we chosen to look after them when that time comes. As we are big on supporting our community, we get to know these people over the months or years since they took out the plan.

Sadly when that call comes, it can be difficult to step into Funeral Director mode as we also are upset by their death, and we ultimately face the grieving process. It shows that we are all human, we all pass away, but its the overwhelming support we give to the loved ones left behind that really matters. We know this is the reason why we were chosen in the first place.

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