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Our 2nd Memorial Service

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this blog. The virus doing its rounds stopped me in my tracks this week as it did others the week before, meaning they could not attend the service.

Last Sunday, we were joined by over 60 families, attending our 2nd Christmas Memorial Service at Emmanuel Church on Cardigan Road. The service was led by the Deacon, Barbara and Minister Richard. What a wonderful event it was. Although everyone enjoyed the Christmas stories, the children's Choir, the Prayers and the hanging of the Christmas star onto the memorial tree, it is always tinged with sadness as we are all brought together by grief, having lost a loved one. The people attending this service are our family now, and we have watched our family grow from a few people to almost 300, over 3 and a half years. It is a tribute to what we do best. Looking after people.

When we are hanging the tinsel on the tree, basting the turkey or wrapping presents, we also may feel the sadness that those we loved so dear are no longer with us. But smile and remember the good times, the funny stories, and the shenanigans they probably caused on Christmas day, whilst sat around the family table. This year in particular, has been a difficult year for everyone with the cost of living being what it is. To help people in our community we have donated goods and food, clothing to donation points and popped spare coins into charity boxes where we could.

We offer a huge thanks to local businesses and families who donated gifts for the raffle, which was drawn after the service, they are:

CPH Property Services, Boyes Department Store, Lidl, Manchot Tapas and Wine Bar, The Avenues Will Writing Service, Tesco Superstore, JC Walwyn, Murray Hill Solicitors, The Crozier Family, Wayne Smith.

We have been overwhelmed by the volume of Christmas Cards received this year. Thank you all.

Please have a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas, and remember - we are here for you all.

Love Laura, Ian and Michelle

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