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Surely a funeral doesn't cost the earth?

When we opened our doors in 2019, our ethos for the business has remained the same.

We all worked for corporate companies who were all about profit and loss, how much were the sales up or down in the previous quarter, the list of hoops to jump through were endless. We set out to provide the people of our community with the highest level of care, compassion and dignity, at a cost which reflected where we live in the country. We only charge our families for what they truly want and need, and never coerce them into purchasing services that quite simply.. isn't for them.

We hear everyday about the impact we are all having on our environment, how our climate is changing, how we need to work towards being more carbon neutral; after all we want to protect our future generations.

One way we play a big part in this at Hannah Rose, is by sourcing local products and services wherever we can. This minimises the carbon footprint caused by delivery vehicles travelling from hundreds of miles away. By doing this, we can lower the costs of our funeral services, whenever they are needed. We are also a member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors and in the future, we will look to replace our current vehicles with electric ones. We also promote Speeton Natural Burial Ground which offers local people a beautiful final resting place, overlooking the sea.

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