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What do our Funeral Directors really do?

When we are asked what we do for a living, and we reply, a Funeral Director, the first thing people say is how cool it looks seeing us walking in front of the hearse with a top hat on.

Very few people know the lengths we go to as a Funeral Director. We are funeral arrangers, we direct funerals on the day, we do shopping on behalf of the family, we work closely with Solicitors and government bodies, we are chauffeurs, dog walkers, huggers and counsellors, ...the list goes on.

We don't just wear a fancy hat and have people watch our every move. A part of our role is caring for the person who has sadly passed away, but the biggest part is lending our very broad shoulders to support that person's family, their friends and work colleagues, the next door neighbours, the friend from down the pub, and even looking out for their little dog, who are quite often very unsettled as they have not seen their human for a long period of time.

We carry all of these people on our shoulders, and quite often, all at once. Would we change any of it?, not in a million years. It is so comforting to know that we are there for each and every one of them, for anyone who needs our help, even if its just a person popping their head around the door, to which we will say, "the kettle is on, do you fancy a brew?" knowing they are at a loose end and just want a chat and perhaps a wee hug, it really means the world to us.

These families start out as clients of Hannah Rose but by the end of the first day, we are friends and probably will be forever more.

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